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Hotjobs is the best way to discover what your great career is.

We do our best to help you to find your great career, pursue the life of your dreams. If you are an employer we can introduce you to some great talent who will help you to develop your company effectively. Whether you are a job seeker looking for great jobs or an employer lokking for great talent, you should be talking to Hotjobs.com.mm. We respect and value the trust of all job seekers and employers who use our website. And as a sign of this respect, we commit that you can always get the following from Hotjobs.com.mm:

  • Hotjobs.com.mm is a real information website. All jobs on our website have detail information for you to apply.
  • We’re not just another jobsite website. It’s a difference you’ll feel straight away. Our team does the best to meet your expectation.
  •  We aim to always treat our users ethically and respectfully. That’s mean whether you are non-experience or experience, big or small company, you all get the same fair treatment.
  • Your applications go to recruiting companies directly once we have received your on-line application and confirmed that you meet our client’s requirements 
  • We will send an email confirmation whenever you register, apply, post Cvs or post vacancy. That way you will know your work has been done safely. If you do not receive a confirm email within one hour then please check your spam folder. The most likely problem is that our email has been blocked by your email account settings.
  • We will send further email updates as soon as possible whenever we have new candidates or vacancies suitable with you.

Success is a journey not a destination. Likewise, to be successful you must begin the journey and continue on. Join us now to find your dream career and we go together on the way to success. The way is long - let us go together. The way is difficult - let us help each other. The way is joyful - let us share it. The way grows before us - let us begin.

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